My story

February 14

Planned: Programming in PowerPoint

In a month or two I’m going to give a college combined with a workshop in the E-Lab of our school about programming in PowerPoint. I know, it sounds crazy, but It’s more fun than you could think.
November 29

Opening of Forum Groningen

After 10 years of planning and 7 years of building the Forum Groningen building if complete. Because I was doing so much volunteer work in the Forum and because I have friends there 😉 (Hi Ria) I had the possibility to see the Forum before anyone else had. It’s a beautiful building and has many functions.

During the opening, I was also giving a workshop on printing Christmas patterns on your jumper and programming it with Arduino Lilypad.
A lot of fun!

September 30


After rowing very much me and a friend of mine discovered we could use our knowledge to build rowing bow lights. We made one and we liked it very much. That is the reason we showed it to another rower who wanted us to make a light for him and so we began our little startup called LightSoars.

August 23


After doing very much volunteer work at Groninger Forum I decided to do something else. That something else became the performing arts festival in Groningen called “Noorderzon”. It was a fun adventure and I’m going to sign-up for the next year, but I like doing volunteer work in the Forum more.

July 25


In July 2019 I decided that I need to sport more. A few of my friend recommended rowing, so I signed up for the summer course and after the first lesson I fell in love with the sport. It’s so elegant and brutal at the same time, and also it’s fun to swim after the training 😉

June 1


In June I became a volunteer at the FabLab in Groningen. I was responsible for projects such as a Raspberry Pi camera and such fun things. Unfortunately I didn’t stay there long due to time constraints

May 16


Around May 2019 we received an “E-Lab” at school. This is a room where there are many machines and where you can go wild with your creativity. A few of these machines are 3D printers, laser cutter, cutter ect.
I can use everything there and that offers opportunities for new courses and workshops

February 16

Scratch programming course 2.0

In the Spring Break of 2019, I got the possibility to do my Scratch programming course for children again. This time there were a bit fewer children because of the holidays but it was still fun

January 2

Scratch programming course

A while before the Christmas holidays from 2018 to 2019 I got an assignment to develop a course for children to introduce them to programming. The client was the former Groninger Forum and I didn’t have much time to develop the course. Soon I realized the best way to introduce children to programming, namely “Scratch”, which is a drag-and-drop programming environment where you can easily create games and animations.

November 15

Richard the Motherfucking Third

In the 3rd grade I auditioned for the school play that is being made by Eloquentia and I got a role. This was the play “Richard the Motherfucking Third”.
This year I was a board member of Eloquentia and I made the site for the reservations for this piece.

June 1


In 2018 I auditioned for “De Noorderlingen”, a preschool for the theater academy and I passed the audition. This was a fun time and I spent almost a year here but suddenly I had to leave after the 2nd semester

February 2

My first workshop

In the spring holidays of 2018 I gave my first workshop in the Groninger Forum. This was a Python programming lesson for children who had never programmed. This was the first time that I really started teaching, but the experience is unforgettable.

December 1

DJOG / The Young Scientists

In 2017 a friend of mine introduced me to “The Young Scientists”. This is a club where you can practice different hobbies, which mainly has to do with crafts. I started on the Friday group and programmed my own small projects under the guidance of Richel Bilderbeek. Later I moved to the Thursday group due to time constraints.

November 23

Romeo & Juliet

In the 2nd class I auditioned for the school play that is made by Eloquentia and I got a role. This was the play “Romeo and Juliet”.

November 18


In the 1st class I auditioned for the school play that is made by Eloquentia and I got a role. This was the play “Mamma Medea” by Tom Lanoye.

October 31


Also, I joined the school musical group called “Praesenteert”. We made a whole new musical together and played it. After that year the group didn’t get money from school because the school didn’t get enough money from O2G2, which is now O2G. The people of the group wanted to continue with making musicals and it became a whole new group called “SPOT Muziektheater”. This evolved in “Kabaal Muziektheater”

October 13


In the first grade, I auditioned for Aulos, the school orchestra and also this time I joined this group. I played the piano there, but also harmonica. After a year I switched to percussion instruments and stayed there for three years in total. It was a great time but the board members of 2019-2020 were terrible, so I left the orchestra.
In 2017, we have won the Orkestival, a music competition for gymnasium orchestras.
In May 2019 we went to Belgium for the EMJ, the European Music Festival for Youth.

September 1

Secondary school

In 2016 I went to high school. The year before, I had received a VWO recommendation in grade 8 from my teacher, so I was able to go to the school I had wanted to attend for a long time, namely Praedinius Gymnasium.

October 19

Volunteer work

In 2014, when I was only briefly in the Netherlands, I wanted to go to the Cinekid Festival in the former Groninger Forum. I, exactly how I always do it, was more than an hour early. Then they were short of volunteers and asked me if I wanted to work there. I enjoyed it and do volunteer work in the new Forum to this day.

September 1

Primary school

In 2009, when I was almost 6 years old, I went to primary school in Armenia. I went to this school until about April 2014. Then I was in “class 5”, but we moved to the Netherlands. Here I went to group 6 of the Dutch primary school.

November 24

Yay! I’m born

On 24 November 2003, I saw the world for the first time. It was wonderful!
I was born in Yerevan, Armenia